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Difference between Scholarship and Grant

You really want to know the Difference between Scholarship and Grant?  This article contains and explains every single thing you need to know.

Students are sometimes confused about these two terms and often mistake one for the other.

But it is to your own interest as a student and an applicant to know which one you’re being offered.

One thing these two terms share in common is the fact that they’re both some financial support offered to students.  They can be both offered to students whom they have confirmed to be in need of them or perhaps to students who apply for any of them.

The distinguishing factor of these terms is in the way they are awarded or the process of consideration and conditions of award.

Below is an overview of the difference between scholarship and grant and how they both work.

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Difference between Scholarship and Grant


Scholarships are financial support usually offered to students based on their academic excellence or other type of achievement.

In some cases, scholarships are offered based on the recipient’s commitment to social services or related activities. It is often designed to take care of tuition fees, rooms and board, and other academic related expenses.

Various institutions of learning have values they place on their scholarships. Some will prefer offering scholarships to students who are sportsman than one with straight A’s. Universities like this places its on extracurricular activities more than academic excellence.

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How Do I Get a Scholarship?

Scholarships are typically offered based on a range of eligibility criteria and requirements, which is laid out by the platform offering the financial support.

There are some scholarships that may require applicants to do seat for tests, exams or virtually any  sort of competition and the winner will be offered a scholarship.

More often than not, students with higher academic achievements do not need to get involved in of these texts and exams; there straight A’s comes in handy to land them the scholarship.


Grants are typically some form of financial aid offered to undertake a particular task

 It may be provided to undertake research or to pay off a particular academic due. It is more precise than other forms of financial support. Grants are mostimes offered by the institutions of learning where the student attends.

A student carrying out some research or academic projects that will be beneficial to the university and the community at large tends to attract this kind of financial support.

The nature of Grants is such that it goes to any student who is researching a solution to a problem, unlike scholarships that is provided to a student who wants to study abroad.  Grant providers want to make sure their money goes to someone who is likely to solve a lingering problem in the academic sphere.

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How do I get a grant?

If you’re a student or scholars, carrying out a dissertation just like a piece of research, you may need to submit the overview.  This overview should include a detailed pitch on the processes and the problem you wish to solve with your research.

The Grant provider may want to have a chat with the research candidate. In cases like this, the provider only wants to ascertain the confidence of such scholar in regards to solving the problem.

Obtaining a Grant is not always a problem so long as the solution the researcher wants to bring as a result of the research is needed.


Scholarship and Grant are interrelated in the sense that they are both forms of financial aid.

They are both used to support or help students achieve their academic dreams in any field of study.

Their differences all boils down to the distinctive terms and conditions of receiving them as discussed above.

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