How to write a scholarship cover letter | scholarship cover letter samples

How to write a scholarship cover letter

How to write a scholarship cover letter

How to write a scholarship cover letter is something worth learning since it is a big part of the scholarship application process.

in fact, it is the next in line of your application process just after you’ve met every other scholarship requirement; and it’s something you don’t want to do the wrong way because it can determine whether you’ll win the scholarship you applied for or not.

 This piece of article has been carefully researched by the scholarship for scholars team to teach you everything you need to know on how to write a scholarship cover letter and some scholarship cover letter samples.

What is a Scholarship cover letter?

Scholarship cover letter is a strategic letter that affords a scholarship candidate the opportunity to outline or highlight his or her main strengths both from an educational and professional perspective — future career plan, and why he or she would be suitable for the scholarship. Some scholarships do not afford applicants the opportunity to write an essay ( which advertises them ); in that case a scholarship cover letter becomes the only opportunity an applicant has to speak for him or herself.

Scholarship cover letters serve as an opportunity for applicants to talk about their academic prowess and a number of other good things about themselves, including their involvement in community services. This makes it all the more important that every candidate applying for a scholarship learns how to write a scholarship letter since it plays a decisive role in winning  a scholarship.

How can I write a cover letter for scholarship?

A scholarship cover letter should not be written like an abridgment or summary of a thesis or project work. It should be properly sectioned in paragraphs, with each talking about a particular point or topic. 

There are some most-included critical points in scholarship cover letter, some of them are qualities about you academic history, work experience, future academic goal. Although you’re not going to write your cover letter for each of these points — but it is very important that you include them in your paragraphs as you separate them from each other.

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Tips for Scholarship cover letter

Your name, address and date should be written at the top of your header and then followed up with the name and address of the recipient. It is very professional to mention the name of the recipient of the letter. Avoid some generic pleasantries like Dear sir/ma or to whom it may concern. Remember this is your opportunity to make a case for yourself — so you should be able to explain in the best way you can, why you think you are the right person for the scholarship. Since the idea is to convince the scholarship donor that you’re worthy, make sure you include your academic goals, involvement in some social activities, your achievements, etc. As you do it, make sure you always give appropriate examples from true life experience to back it up.

References and examples from your real life experience validate your claims and make it appear strong. It sets you apart; so make sure you are honest about it and that your language is formal. Also stress keywords from the scholarship requirements to help keep you in context.

Scholarship cover letter samples


Victor Raphael

Student, (mention department)

(Mention College/University)

(Mention Address)


(Mention Name of Recipient)


Student affairs

(Mention Name of University)


RE: Scholarship Application

Dear Mr. /Mrs. (mention Name of Recipient):

I am writing to submit my application for scholarship in (mention name of University/College). Currently, I’m a freshman in (mention course of study) and below are attached copies of documents that proves my academic achievements.

I come from a low income earning family and I am facing extreme financial challenges. I have other siblings who are also attending College and I have decided to take a part time job to help fund my tuition and accommodation fees. But it is still not enough to pay for all that is required for my education and based on my financial situation I am using this platform to request for a student scholarship to help me stay in school and continue learning as I work towards improving my financial condition.

If any question arises in regards to any of the documents I have attached to this application, please feel free to contact me through (mention your number). I’ll always be in touch.

Thank you so much for your consideration and time.


(Mention your Name)

(Mention Student ID Number)

You can download some other scholarship application cover letter samples through this link provided below!



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