Scholarship Essay writing Tips | How to write scholarship essay

Scholarship Essay writing Tips

Scholarship Essay writing Tips

While it seems that there is no particular pattern to write a winning scholarship essay. if you take the time out to sort scholarship essays ever written and submitted, that eventually won the prize, you will come to realize that it is tough to tell what really made them identical. You will see that each application had its exclusive story about the applicant that made it stand out.

The exclusivity and uniqueness of the student applying is the key to a successful scholarship application essay.

What this implies is that each time you pick up your pen to write a scholarship essay, you should make writing a simply exclusive unique essay your primary goal.  Personalize it, talk about your passion, discuss your drive and motivation, because at the end of the day it is the individuality that makes one essay standout from the other and that’s what the scholarship judge is always looking out for.

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How to write scholarship essay

This article has been carefully researched and put together to guide you through on Scholarship Essay writing Tips

1. Thoroughly go through the essay statement you have been asked to develop and identify the key themes.

Take for instance, a student maybe asked to write an essay about a situation where he or she demonstrated responsible leadership or innovation and how it made a difference in the community. in an essay like this, the student should be able to figure out what the scholarship committee wants judging from the key phrases mentioned in the essay statement.

When the student begins to develop his or her essay on such topic, ‘leadership’ and ‘community impact’ should be the focus of the essay.

2. Understand the contextual meaning of the key phrases in your scholarship essay writing.

The next step after pointing out the key phrases, the next step would be to understand the contextual or implied meaning of the key themes beyond general idea.

For example, the leadership meant in this context is not describing the position. it is rather demanding the effect of your leadership or the impact it made or the actions you took and not just leadership as position or role.

3. Sparingly mention keywords or synonyms employed in the scholarship statement throughout your essay.

It is very tactical to sparingly mention the keywords or synonyms of the essay statement across essay

Using the keywords from the scholarship statement throughout your essay can demonstrate your commitment to addressing the question being asked.

This shows the scholarship committee that you are really dedicated and committed to addressing the topic you’ve been assigned.

4. Make sure your essay starts in an engaging way.

one of the most engaging ways to start your scholarship application essay is to include a quote or statement that depicts the topic you’ve been assigned to develop and later linking it to the body of the essay.

The way you begin your essay sends a message to the scholarship committee or judges. It can help win them over and thus convincing them that you truly deserve to be invested in or supported in your chosen course.

5. Know Your Audience

The only way you can be able to give the scholarship essay judges what they are looking for is to actually know what they are looking for in a candidate.  Try and figure out who their ideal candidate is and then know how you can adjust yourself to fit into that picture. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you should sacrifice your personality just to fit in. On the contrary, you can pinpoint your strength and then tactically attach them in a relevant way to become the ideal candidate.

6. Adhere to the essay Instructions

This might not seem serious like every other scholarship essay tip, but record shows that many applicants make their first mistake even before they begin the essay. They make this mistake by not carefully reading or adhering to the essay instructions. For instance, exceeding the word count can typically jeopardize your chances of success since it shows or suggest to the essay judges that you are not really paying attention.  Always check your work at intervals to make sure you are compliant to all parts of the instructions and still in line with the scholarship essay format.


Essay writing is the most difficult and decisive aspect of applying for a scholarship. It forces candidates to open up and reflect on themselves, talk about who they are as a person and their accomplishments in life. While some people may say that essay is the most difficult aspect of scholarship application, it should also be considered the most important because it gives candidates the chance to make a case for themselves and persuade or convince the committee with why they think you deserve to win the scholarship.

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