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Scholarship Interview Questions and Answers

If you are ever going to apply for a scholarship and win, you will eventually have to face Scholarship Interview Questions and Answers.

Getting to the point in your scholarship application where you’d have to sit face-to-face with the scholarship committee for an interview is almost the final phase before you are awarded the scholarship you’re applying for.

That’s more the reason you need to get familiar with the probable Questions and answers in a scholarship interview so that in the end, you’ll come out a successful candidate, because you’ve come a long way already.

 Scholarship providers often engage applicants in interview as a means to know more about them. They do this to find out beyond what you wrote in your application, how you perceive yourself in the next few years, and how you’re going to utilize their Scholarship.


Scholarship Interview Questions and Answers

This process can be very sensitive and decisive at the same time — that’s why you need to study all the frequently asked scholarship interview question and answers.

Just like answering a scholarship essay, you’ll have to be objective in your scholarship interview. For instance, answering your scholarship interviewer using examples and life experiences, talking with clarity and giving a non vague answer. Your answers should be straight-to-the-point, in a concise manner.

Most common scholarship interview question and answers sample

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Tell us about yourself

Although this is a very exact question and as such, does not have any wrong or right answer to it, it definitely has the right way to answer it.

In attempt to answer this question, you don’t have to tell your interviewer exactly what is in your resume again, because they’ve already seen it and  now want something different.

The objective here is to tell them about you as an individual with your distinctive difference from other students. You should aim at making it as interesting as possible.

Tell us your strength and weaknesses

You should lay references when answering this kind of question.

It is very typical to tell them that you can work very hard because every other student does too. But you’ll be greatly increasing your chances of winning if you point out some situations where you’ve worked hard. Tell them what working hard really means in a more practical way.

The same tip is also applicable when telling them about your weaknesses. You should be honest. Don’t even try to tell them that you don’t have any weakness because they’ll not buy that. Freely tell them your weaknesses and some significant steps you are taking to overcome them. But you’ll have to apply wisdom in doing this so that your story will send a message across to your interviewer that your weaknesses won’t stop you from being successful in college.

Why do you think you deserve this Scholarship?

Talking about your high GPA is a very wrong approach to answering this question. Remember that other students applying for the same scholarship may also have high GPA.

It is probably the high GPA that brought you to this level of issued interview, but now they are demanding more — something off the book.

What you should try to achieve in answering this question is to make the interviewer understand how winning the scholarship will advance your pursuit of your goals and help you achieve them faster.

As usual, your answer be objective and portraying your commitment and passion.

Never attempt to give your answer based on what you think your interviewer wants to hear.

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Where do you see yourself in five years to come?

What your interviewer is trying to ask or know in other words is the plans you have and hope would come to execution in the next five years. Your academic plans should be the pivot of the answer.

Try as much as possible to be honest in your answer by telling them where or what you wish to be in the next five years or have achieved

You may talk about some research work you wish to carry out before or within the next five years or even the programs you wish pursue in your Masters and PhD degree.

Tell us about a challenge you overcame

What your interviewer is trying to put to test here is your mental strength and your ability to cope with pressure.

What you have to do is tell them about any situation or challenge in your life you feel you handled properly. Just express yourself and be free to also tell your interviewer how you were able to overcome the difficult situation. But take note that scholarship interview questions of this nature are not only limited to academic challenges — it extends to your personal life. You can even share a story of how you handled a family crisis or just about any difficult situation.


Scholarship Interview Questions and Answers are not as complex as we often paint them to be.

They do not have wrong nor right answers.

The only thing that distinguishes one candidate from the other is mainly the objectiveness and creativity associated with the answers they provide.

Give examples where required, make references when necessary, tell stories that are relevant.

 When you answer questions with references or examples, it gives you an edge over other candidates.

After the interview, don’t just workout of the room without thanking your interviewer (s).

It is both important and professional that you exhibit some courtesy by saying thank you to the interviewer(s) for their time.

Show a willingness and enthusiasm. Tell the interviewers that you will be glad to answer more question if they still have any and always do whatever you can to make sure you stand out from other qualified candidates.

We hope you really found this article helpful. Let us know what you think at the comment box.

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