10 Tips for Scholarship Success

Tips for Scholarship Success
Tips for Scholarship Success. Higher education as we know is way expensive. Tuition and other fees continue to increase as the year goes by. Consequently, many students and parents go into a significant debt burden to finance college experiences. Most incoming college students are concerned about going into debt to pay for their education (which is quite understandable). But the good news is that there’s something like scholarships to reduce or entirely knock off how much it costs you to earn your college degree. A scholarship offers a funding that doesn’t need to be repaid. But the bigger challenge is with almost hundreds to thousands of students applying for each one, how can you increase your chances or odd of winning one? Here are some simple tips we fetched and gathered from students who succeeded in the past on how to apply for and win scholarships for college.  Follow these simple tips to win yourself scholarship.  

Top 10 Tips for Scholarship Success

1. Start Early

Waiting until junior year to start applying for scholarships is not the best thing to do. Starting it out early gives you more time to research and complete scholarship applications. Some scholarships are awarded on the basis of first come, first serve. Sometimes, starting early shows the scholarship sponsor(s) that you’re a serious student!

 2. Seek Out Smaller, Less Competitive Scholarships

Popular scholarships are always very competitive, and as a result, can reduce your chance or likeliness of winning the award. Therefore, it is wise to seek out smaller awards and contests that could add up to a lot of college cash. Another question would be how to find these less competitive scholarships / award. But that’s not going to be a problem. Here are some ways you can find them:

· Ask guidance counselors about subject- or interest-specific scholarships.

· Talk to church or community leaders about award opportunities.

· Always check out the school library bulletin boards, which may be a source of hidden treasures like essay or art contests for scholarships.

Then when you find them, apply for as many as possible because the more scholarships you apply for, the more likely you will be awarded at least one or two. Always research every scholarship opportunity there is, no matter how random.

What are the types of scholarships? — scholarshipforscholars.com

 3. Tell an Original Story

Scholarship applications often require an essay. One way to be outstanding is to tell an original story about you that challenges expectations. Make sure your story is concisely organized and tie it to the reason you are applying for the scholarship, want to attend a certain school, pursue a certain degree or enter a chosen field.

4. Strive To Stand Out

Always write an essay or personal statement that is relevant to the organization’s mission or vision. To win any scholarships, you need to portrait yourself smartly and do some background digging about the organization offering the scholarship. This will help you come up with with ideas and facts your competitors are not aware of. Make them (scholarship sponsor(s)) think you are the best applicant for their scholarship  


 5. Don’t Be Afraid Of Scholarships That Require Essays

Scholarship seekers always shy away from scholarships that require essays, not knowing that a well-written essay can eventually score them a good point and boost their chances of winning a scholarship. Even If you don’t have great writing skills, you can engage your high school guidance counselor or consider attending a writing workshop to help you develop a good writing skill or an essay. Hint: once you are to put up a great essay, you can reuse portions of your essay for more than one scholarship application so long as you are careful enough to follow the scholarship rules, including essay word count. Learn How to Write An Amazing Scholarship Resume

 6. Don’t Miss the Deadline

If you want to win yourself a scholarship, never trivialize or wait till the deadlines to apply. No matter how fit or perfect you may think you are for the award, If your application is late, you can be locked out of online systems or tossed in the “no” pile. Make out a way to keep track of due dates, it can be Calendars or planner or you can set email reminders or cell phone alarms – whatever it takes to ensure you’ll be on time.

7. Practice Your Interview Skills

Many scholarships require an in-person interview at some point. Being a good interviewee is something that is worth learning if you really want scholarship money. You have to practice answering questions about your background, interests, achievements, and aspirations. Also take note that an interview requires a certain degree of social skills, as a result, the more comfortable you are chatting with the interviewer and answering questions, the better the chances of your scholarship success. Do away with being nervous or shy. Take note that there’s no right or wrong answer. Your interviewer only wants to get a real feel for who you are, so beyond every other thing, the most important thing to remember is to be yourself!

8. Follow Directions and Proofread Pre-Submission

Poor spelling and grammar or missing pieces from your application can disqualify your application. Remember you’re trying to portray your best self through these submissions; as a result, you may need to check and double-check your application, essay and supplemental materials. Then ask a person who is more grammatically inclined than you, or your teacher, parent, counselor to read over everything for grammar, punctuation, flow and tone.

 9. Keep Applying.

Never stop looking and applying for new scholarships each year that you’re in school. There are virtually scholarships available for high school students, undergrads, and graduate students. Some scholarships may allow you to enter multiple times. For instance, you can enter to win CollegeWeekLive’s $1,000 scholarship once a month.

10.  Network

This is a point where you step out and make some contacts. You can ask your parents to check with their HR department about scholarships for family members, you can get the word out to your parent’s friends, your employer, and others in your community that you’re looking for scholarships to help pay for college. Your chances of winning are likely to be higher if there’s already a personal connection. You’d be surprised to find out that there are usually a lot of scholarships offered locally that are not particularly well advertised. You may find these through your high school counselor, in the local paper, or at the library. We hope you found this article on helpful. Let us know what you think at the comment box.

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