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What are the types of scholarships?  Is a question that’s worth paying attention to, or even given an express answer so that students of all level can know what they’re up for and how they fit in.

As a result, The Scholarship for Scholars will be answering this particular question by listing and giving a descriptive explanation of the types of scholarships in the world. Scholarships are typically a form of financial aid or award offered / provided to students to pursue their academic dreams and career. But there are eventually different types of scholarships. So, the big question would be “what are the types of scholarships ”? Firstly, you should know that scholarships usually shows or reflect the interest of the donor. With that in mind, let’s now face the talk of the day—

What are the types of scholarships?

Merit-based Scholarships

 Merit-based scholarships are typically scholarships awarded to scholars on the basis of their academic or intellectual strength. These kinds of scholarships typically recognize high CGPAs, high score in test results and good academic achievement. One of the most common traits of a merit-based scholarship is that the scholarship money is paid directly into the account of the institution, other than to the students account.

Need-Based scholarships:

 A need-based scholarship typically disburses scholarships to students on the basis of their FAFSA result. A need-based scholarship is commonly taken as grants rather than a scholarship. To receive this kind of scholarship, the only qualification a student need is to come from a financially unstable or poor family.


Student-Specific Scholarships:

 Student specific see as the name suggests, is a type of scholarship offered to a particular group of students. At this instance, the Scholarship host or sponsor may decide to offer scholarships to only female students and consequently, all the female students become qualified to receive the scholarship. In the same vein, the scholarship donor or sponsors may decide to offer scholarships to High-school seniors of a particular Institution or even country and the high school seniors of such given Institution or country automatically becomes eligible for the Scholarship. As a result, any student that falls within the scholarship category will be offered the scholarship. Students’ academic strength and other criteria are not required to obtain this type of scholarship.

Career-specific Scholarships:

Career-specific scholarships are typically scholarships offered to students following a particular field of study or career. This kind of scholarship is offered based on the subject or discipline and as such, academic cumulative GPA may not be put into consideration. This kind of scholarship is a literal reflection of the values of the donor. The institution or organizations (whether private or public) offering this kind of scholarship chooses a specific field at its discretion to which it wants to develop and offer scholarships in that particular field.


College-specific Scholarships.

A College-specific scholarship is one offered by individual schools or universities to their students. A college or university may take it upon itself to give out scholarships to its students and students who do not attend that particular school will not stand a chance to receive the scholarship. Most times, the College or school awarding the scholarship may establish some eligibility requirement for that particular scholarship but the most decisive thing is that the scholarship is only obtainable to students who are enrolled in that particular school.


Unusual scholarships

This kind of scholarship is often spontaneous; often offered by platforms that are not known to be offering scholarships. Scholarships like this often just evolve or orchestrate by events or festive celebration. It can also be referred as an offbeat scholarship.

Community Service Scholarships

Community service scholarships are the type offered to students who have a record or involvement or commitment to giving back to the society. Students who are fond of getting involved in things that contribute to the development of their society become automatically worthy to receive the scholarships that falls in this category. A good number of organizations offer this kind of scholarship to students who are involved in Community Services.

Conclusion: No matter how secluded you may think you are, it is important you know that there is always a scholarship out there for you. Whether or not you are intellectually proficient, always have in mind that there are scholarships that are open to just about anybody. Therefore, never give up on your quest to obtain scholarship to fund your dream career. The Scholarship for Scholars Team wishes you find a scholarship that suits you.

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